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Deryl Poirier

Rhode Island

"I'm a nurse and I was extremely skeptical. It has been 6 month since completing the ACT program, and I remain full of energy and living my life again. I'm back to the old me. Yes, this works - give it a try. Thanks ACT, you saved my life!"


Roxanne Cahill, RN

New Hampshire

"I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for approximately 25 years. There was an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. After my first session with ACT, I had much more energy and stamina. By my third ACT session, it was amazing how much better I was getting, and it just kept getting better from there."

Acid reflux ·  ADHD ·  Addiction ·  Adrenal fatigue · Allergies · ALS · Anxiety · Arthritis · Asthma · Autoimmune disorders · Candida · Crohn’s disease · Chronic fatigue syndrome · Depression · Digestive disorders · Emotional trauma · Endometriosis · Epstein-Barr virus · 

Hormonal imbalances · Fibromyalgia · Leaky gut · Lupus · Lyme disease · Migraines · Multiple Sclerosis · Parasites · Parkinson's · PTSD ·  Seizures ·  Stress ·  Thyroid imbalances · And much more!

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